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  • Resume Material: Photography Session For Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

    This is for my overall resume content, as the title indicates. As of writing, my freelance professional career is extremely open-opportunity and I try to do anything I can actually pull off and get paid for. One awesome opportunity is that I got the chance to meet and act as a photographer for Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who is famous worldwide for playing "Lily" on ABC's Modern Family, on April 2017 at the Balloon Training Institute who was, at that time, a client of ours at my main weekly contract, Brainstorm Cafe.

    The event was a coordinated effort between Brainstorm Cafe, Balloon Training Institute and Kent Emmons, Aubrey's father and a client of ours at Brainstorm Cafe and it was both a business opportunity as well as something of a tribute to the Emmons' who lost a major property they had called home in Gatlinburg, TN, when the wildfires of 2016 swept through the mountains. I didn't personally interact much with Aubrey as I was there on a professional capacity to see the Institute and interview the Spring 2016 graduates, but I did get to act as a photographer for the event.

    I took many photos, but these are the only ones we can find for now that are attributed to me.

    It was a fun little event and Aubrey was a lot more relaxed and didn't give off any air of Hollywood pretense whatsoever. I was kinda shocked how tall she was.

    BIG News! Ocremix's Seiken Densetsu 3 Project Moves Forward!

    Further reminder that I don't typically post blog articles unless I really feel like I have something to say, so you know I've got something to talk about now!

    After so much god-forsaken time, we have finished the mastering for the tracks on Seiken Densetsu 3: Songs of Light and Darkness and they are in OCR top brass hands. We all know Ocremix, who just this last week released their 62nd album, is extremely efficient at getting projects released once all the music and art is in and done, so I estimate it would be a matter of months before this 12+ year old project is finally brought to fruition!

    I'm 33 years old and I've been on this project effectively 1/3 of my life so far. :P

    Meteo Xavier is credited to 4 tracks on here, 2 of which are collaborations with other artists. I was also instrumental (pun maliciously intended) in getting other help and things going as needed for other artists and tracks, such as getting my brother Jackson to do some guitar work on a track when even professional guitarists fell through to do it. My work on here ranged into a lot of things to get it done in my official administration as "Assistant Director". A lot of it was very frustrating (as you might imagine going whole YEARS trying to get otherwise simple things done) but the drama and time is worth it once it actually comes out!

    Stay tuned for that here and at www.ocremix.org.

    New Book Released!

    Or rather it was released some time ago, but I'm shocked to see the blog post I thought I made here isn't showing it? Guess I need to do it over.


    Yes, this is my second published book and it is quite a bit different from Vulgarity For the Masses. For one, this book is a "non-fiction" collection of Southern folklore, Southern hauntings and ghostlore mixing my personal favorite of classic, well-known stories with other stories that are more obscure and disturbing. I spent quite a lot of time on it, too - updating the lore when I could find updated accounts on them and examining them with a slightly skeptical eye so that you knew when there were gaps of logic or story in the accounts I found and to take the subject seriously.

    The stories all come from various time periods and various Southern states - Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. There are haunted places, demon possession, banshees, the Bell Witch, the White Screamer, Hell's Church, the Moon-Eyed People and many other legends from ghosts and aliens to Cherokee creatures and some really WEIRD stuff. I intentionally designed this book to have some comfortable reading and then some really insane reading. Even better? At least one story in here is certified TRUE, and it's not the one you'd expect.

    Finally, the book ends with my own paranormal experiences I had in an apartment in Sevierville, TN.

    There is a paperback version listed at $17.95 on Amazon and there is a Kindle version listed at $7.99, also on Amazon.

    Some Book Stuff Part 1

    Man, it's been a loooooooooooong time since I posted here. I typically don't want to post anything until I have something to show off, and it just happens I've been stockpiling a bunch of stuff that's going to start coming out here soon.

    The first thing I want to do is post for a friend of mine, Andrew Osborne. This is his debut novel.

    I recommend you check out his book for three reasons:

    1. Andrew is a former writer for HBO, Cash Cab and a comic book series called Blue Estate.

    2. The plot has a modern anime vibe to it and the scenario reminds me of other existential high concept pieces like Angel Beats! It's not bizarro comedy, horror or extreme, but it sits comfortably between all three.

    3. It's awesome, go buy it! >:D

    On my next installment of bloggery, one of my own releases. Stay tuned.

    Gatlinburg Fall Colors/Smoky Mountain Autumn Song. SNESology chiptune.

    Boy does it feel good to make a new post on here. About time for something new:

    The Gatlinburg Harvest Festival and Halloween season is pretty much my favorite time of year, and when I was growing up in the Smoky Mountains, I used to play games like Secret of Evermore and Castlevania in due season.

    Today, I can't separate the games from the season, and when I learned the Secret of Evermore sample set came out, the first thing I did was start a track that I wanted to dedicate to the area and season. I think this is the first Smoky Mountain "chiptune" in existence!

    While it's definitely not an uplifting track, it's not meant to be sad either. It's designed to be very haunting and provides cerebral images of a wet thicket with mist and multicolored leaves surrounding you as you hike your way through the city and mountains. There is a touch of bittersweet as we all wish this season could last longer, but it never does. Still, at the end is the sunlight coming through the mist, and the season will return again as it always has. Enjoy!

    NOTE: All pictures used in this video are, to my best knowledge, public access and press images I am free to use. I think some of these images are ones I took too. I don't think I am infringing on copyrights here, but if so, please contact me here and we can discuss it on reasonable terms.

    ESPERS is now on Earbits Radio

    This was a nice surprise in my recent journeys to getting my music broadcast - Earbits radio took me on to their internet radio station a little while ago and my ESPERS album is now fully loaded onto it. What's really nice is I was able to upload the full quality .WAVs of the songs on there, most places only do MP3s.

    If you're already familiar with Earbits, the link to check it out is here: www.earbits.com/artists/12-followers-meteo-xavier.

    For those of you who don't, Earbits is commercial-free online radio for top independent music and it's definitely worth looking into. There's a bunch of great indie artists on there in a variety of mediums outside even the loose genre standards of today and its exploding in popularity for a reason. It streams out a lot better than many other internet radio stations (in my experience) and its quite a smooth experience. My family heavily indulges in internet radio stations and I plan to turn them onto it soon.

    Check out Earbits at www.earbits.com.

    Espers - Remastered Version Release

    For those who may be interested - Espers has been officially remastered and re-released on Dope Records for the digital price of $8. You can find the Bandcamp link here.

    If you're wondering why it's being released again just 18 months after I first made this post - the truth is that it wasn't fully released in the first place. When I made this post, it was going to be released through Aardvark Records back in March 2010, we took steps to get it out there... and then it was just quit halfway through. For a variety of reasons, none of which were bad-blooded but detrimental to release all the same, the previous label was unable to fulfill their contract to me, so I found a new label, the IDM and experimental Dope Records in Israel and today it gets a fully label-supported, full release.

    This version sports new artwork by Fariz Suleiman and new mastering by Russian Composer and IDM/Industrial artist Tokee. Zircon's previous and miraculous work still exists here, we just gave it an update for better volume, bass presence and clarity.

    About the album:
    Espers is a loose concept album that I started April of 2009 just to get something done. Most of what I had were ambient/new-age instruments and samples, so I went along with that and worked endlessly to try to make one of the most unusual and unique ambient/new-age albums around. It was an extremely difficult production, but it was totally worth every step of it. I was inspired by a lot of Peter Gabriel, Metroid Prime, Chrono Cross and Steve Hackett and I about destroyed my computer trying to honor those influences.


    1. Tritochiark - Vestigial Dreamcatcher for the Heavenly Integer [8:07]
    2. Ornamekias - A Slight Wave From the Hill Above [6:51]
    3. Amenemhetopelzai - Ancient King Lost In Memories [7:43]
    4. Saelmeth - The Rusted Voice of a Forgotten Godwraith [6:28]
    5. Icidina - Royal Highshiva of the Glacierplains [7:04]
    6. Maria Le Pitruzelluca Celeste XVII - The Sound of God's Love Made Flesh [7:43]
    7. Navi Whisperwilde - The Forest Sprite and the Mana Spirit in Eternal Recurrence [7:04]
    8. Sagetellah - The One Who Waits for the Life to Come (Featuring Michael Huang) [9:57]

    TOTAL TIME: 60:53 minutes.

    * All tracks composed by Meteo Xavier.
    * Piano Performance and re-interpretation by Michael Huang of www.sonic-expression.com.
    * Post-mixing work and initial master by Andrew Aversa of www.zirconmusic.com.
    * Final master by Anatoly Grinberg (Tokee).
    * Computer and samples provided by Brad Burr.
    * Artwork and digital sleeve design by Fariz Suleiman of http://doperec.com.

    And let me know if I forgot to thank anyone. Credit goes where credit is due.

    Please support this album not for my sake, but for Dope Records. After 4-5 years of insanity and hardship from a variety of other music people, game companies, commissioners, and so forth, the guys at Dope Records are my karmic reward for enduring all of it. These guys have been nothing short of fantastic and supportive to me from day 1 of meeting them and I humbly ask this community to share some support back.