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  • ESPERS is now on Bandcamp

    And now I have a way where you can listen to it straight from my website here. Priced $5.99 just like CDbaby and I believe you get your choice of 320KBs MP3s, FLAC, WAV or other versions of it.Enjoy!

    Espers Physical CD Now Released on Lightfall Records

    Visit Lightfall Records at Reverbnation
    This was a pretty good surprise to me and one I had secretly hoped for since its creation, but Espers is now available on physical CD from Lightfall Records!

    It took some time and a lot of patience, but all things considered, I'm pretty satisfied with this outcome. Now begins the process of promoting it beyond this blog post. Podcasts, reviews, advertising, link exchanging, physical distribution, begging. All the things the independent artist must do to build a presence these days.

    Main reason to mention that is I hope to use what experience I gain from that into a page on this site here to offer real world, practical and useful advice to others beginning that journey. I could probably start it now from what I know already, but I'll wait until I see some figures before I do that for real.

    So look forward to that - in the meantime, enjoy Espers now available at ($7.99 CD, $5.99 digital download) through Lightfall/Aardvark Records and help support this artist so that he may afford give you music and useful things on your own musical journey. That came off a lot more desperate than I wanted to - oh well. Enjoy!