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  • New Book Released!

    Or rather it was released some time ago, but I'm shocked to see the blog post I thought I made here isn't showing it? Guess I need to do it over.


    Yes, this is my second published book and it is quite a bit different from Vulgarity For the Masses. For one, this book is a "non-fiction" collection of Southern folklore, Southern hauntings and ghostlore mixing my personal favorite of classic, well-known stories with other stories that are more obscure and disturbing. I spent quite a lot of time on it, too - updating the lore when I could find updated accounts on them and examining them with a slightly skeptical eye so that you knew when there were gaps of logic or story in the accounts I found and to take the subject seriously.

    The stories all come from various time periods and various Southern states - Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. There are haunted places, demon possession, banshees, the Bell Witch, the White Screamer, Hell's Church, the Moon-Eyed People and many other legends from ghosts and aliens to Cherokee creatures and some really WEIRD stuff. I intentionally designed this book to have some comfortable reading and then some really insane reading. Even better? At least one story in here is certified TRUE, and it's not the one you'd expect.

    Finally, the book ends with my own paranormal experiences I had in an apartment in Sevierville, TN.

    There is a paperback version listed at $17.95 on Amazon and there is a Kindle version listed at $7.99, also on Amazon.

    Some Book Stuff Part 1

    Man, it's been a loooooooooooong time since I posted here. I typically don't want to post anything until I have something to show off, and it just happens I've been stockpiling a bunch of stuff that's going to start coming out here soon.

    The first thing I want to do is post for a friend of mine, Andrew Osborne. This is his debut novel.

    I recommend you check out his book for three reasons:

    1. Andrew is a former writer for HBO, Cash Cab and a comic book series called Blue Estate.

    2. The plot has a modern anime vibe to it and the scenario reminds me of other existential high concept pieces like Angel Beats! It's not bizarro comedy, horror or extreme, but it sits comfortably between all three.

    3. It's awesome, go buy it! >:D

    On my next installment of bloggery, one of my own releases. Stay tuned.