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  • FREE Album Release: IMPULSE by 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier

    First off: for what few of you read my blog here, sorry for not updating for a while! Had a lot of things to do and it's all only now just coming out.

    Second and foremost: My third album and first published real soundtrack, IMPULSE, is now available for FREE at Ocremix and Bandcamp!

    You can stream the whole thing right here:

    About the soundtrack:
    The IMPULSE soundtrack started in February 2012 when I responded to a post on Gamedev.net. The game itself was a free-range development deal where composers could contribute tracks as they wanted and I volunteered to contribute 9 tracks. I haven't gotten to work on a spacey-puzzle game like this before and I'm still extremely excited I got to. This meant I could experiment with very different textures, structures and all kinds of fun stuff I could practice where I couldn't before. This is the first production I've ever done where I had full artistic freedom, could use all my highest quality sets, and make no compromises for sound quality. No excuses this time around, it was time to really step up to the plate and show what I could do.

    Download it at http://meteoxavier.bandcamp.com/album/impulse-ost and http://ocremix.org.

    Game Information:
    by Deck16
    Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and "(hopefully) 8".

    IMPULSE is a spaceshooter/puzzle that developer Deck16 describes as a cross between Super Meat Boy and Lunar Lander and N+ and Asteroids. It is a simple, freeware game where you push a craft toward the end goal while dodging a variety of enemies, obstacles and level designs that resemble mini-golf courses.

    This is a game based on the old-school premise of computer gaming - basic design with very flexible results. The goal remains the same, but the levels are incredibly different with various degrees of gravity and either limited or limitless fuel adding to the conflict - nothing is quite the same from level to level and there are many of them to push through. You might be trying to navigating anything from a tunnel to a giant vector maze, or an optical illusion to the labyrinth from Pac-Man, or even a battleship to the game title itself.

    A simple premise with extreme variety is the name of the game with IMPULSE and it's free to play with a level editor to make your own.

    Trailer Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i7RM-xtRw8&feature=player_embedded

    Main page: http://deck16.net/impulse?a2279b00