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  • Resume Material: Photography Session For Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

    This is for my overall resume content, as the title indicates. As of writing, my freelance professional career is extremely open-opportunity and I try to do anything I can actually pull off and get paid for. One awesome opportunity is that I got the chance to meet and act as a photographer for Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who is famous worldwide for playing "Lily" on ABC's Modern Family, on April 2017 at the Balloon Training Institute who was, at that time, a client of ours at my main weekly contract, Brainstorm Cafe.

    The event was a coordinated effort between Brainstorm Cafe, Balloon Training Institute and Kent Emmons, Aubrey's father and a client of ours at Brainstorm Cafe and it was both a business opportunity as well as something of a tribute to the Emmons' who lost a major property they had called home in Gatlinburg, TN, when the wildfires of 2016 swept through the mountains. I didn't personally interact much with Aubrey as I was there on a professional capacity to see the Institute and interview the Spring 2016 graduates, but I did get to act as a photographer for the event.

    I took many photos, but these are the only ones we can find for now that are attributed to me.

    It was a fun little event and Aubrey was a lot more relaxed and didn't give off any air of Hollywood pretense whatsoever. I was kinda shocked how tall she was.