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    This is where I'm currently posting work that I've done for various channels (commission, favor, fun, etc.) that I feel best describe what I can accomplish under the right schedule and circumstances. It's funny I would describe it like that because music never seems to come around under either, but still, if you're looking for an idea of what I can accomplish and don't want to buy my music, this works pretty well. :)

    Meteocrity Vol. 1 (Wardriver/Thasauce.net) is my free videogame album that also functions as my music portfolio because many of the requests I have gotten were for SNES/PS1 music.

    If these tracks interest you and you want to work something out, email me at Meteo.Xavier(at)gmail(dot)com They're spaced by hyphens so that bots won't automatically add my address to their spam lists, but I'm pretty sure you can put it together correctly.

    And these are my published Ocremixes:

    Yggdrasil Speaks to Me (Valkyrie Profile remix)

    Twisted Devil, Grinding Soul (Final Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy V remix)

    Keep checking back as more music will become available.