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  • ESPERS is now on Earbits Radio

    This was a nice surprise in my recent journeys to getting my music broadcast - Earbits radio took me on to their internet radio station a little while ago and my ESPERS album is now fully loaded onto it. What's really nice is I was able to upload the full quality .WAVs of the songs on there, most places only do MP3s.

    If you're already familiar with Earbits, the link to check it out is here: www.earbits.com/artists/12-followers-meteo-xavier.

    For those of you who don't, Earbits is commercial-free online radio for top independent music and it's definitely worth looking into. There's a bunch of great indie artists on there in a variety of mediums outside even the loose genre standards of today and its exploding in popularity for a reason. It streams out a lot better than many other internet radio stations (in my experience) and its quite a smooth experience. My family heavily indulges in internet radio stations and I plan to turn them onto it soon.

    Check out Earbits at www.earbits.com.