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  • Gatlinburg Fall Colors/Smoky Mountain Autumn Song. SNESology chiptune.

    Boy does it feel good to make a new post on here. About time for something new:

    The Gatlinburg Harvest Festival and Halloween season is pretty much my favorite time of year, and when I was growing up in the Smoky Mountains, I used to play games like Secret of Evermore and Castlevania in due season.

    Today, I can't separate the games from the season, and when I learned the Secret of Evermore sample set came out, the first thing I did was start a track that I wanted to dedicate to the area and season. I think this is the first Smoky Mountain "chiptune" in existence!

    While it's definitely not an uplifting track, it's not meant to be sad either. It's designed to be very haunting and provides cerebral images of a wet thicket with mist and multicolored leaves surrounding you as you hike your way through the city and mountains. There is a touch of bittersweet as we all wish this season could last longer, but it never does. Still, at the end is the sunlight coming through the mist, and the season will return again as it always has. Enjoy!

    NOTE: All pictures used in this video are, to my best knowledge, public access and press images I am free to use. I think some of these images are ones I took too. I don't think I am infringing on copyrights here, but if so, please contact me here and we can discuss it on reasonable terms.